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My job is to translate your style, your personality, your feelings, your aspirations, your Dreams into a bouquet that will tell the world “ This is ME folks!”wedding2a

Are you the bride saying: “yes this colour red but with less red in it and more of a hint of crushed strawberries and also a dash of subtle red grape or plum…” OK you know what you want, and most importantly what you do not want…Here, we come to the important milestone…what you do not like, as more often than not, this will tell us what you do actually like!…

Yes , it gets complicated (but which bride isn’t?) Let’s sit down together and let’s talk. The first consultation is free, Yes free, but that’s because you will be doing all the work by telling your story, your vision, your dreams…. I will listen, I will comment, I will guide you. You will be setting the foundations upon which we will build the complete floral scene for your wedding.

We will meet again, but this time I will work so you’ll pay £ 150.00 (don’t worry this will be taken off the main bill). I will present to you, in detail, different scenarios, different colour palette, an array of flower combination to choose from, the design of your bouquet and of all the bridal party flowers along with every other floral creations. At the end of our meeting, you will be able to picture the real event, you’ll be able to live it up even before it all exists….We’ll have the tempo…

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